We also deliver to Switzerland


Good news: H32 Design goes CH.

From now on we can deliver all our products easily to Switzerland. Our partner “MeinEinkauf.ch” will take care of this.

For a small fee, they will take care of all customs formalities and delivery to your door. This means you will receive your goods quickly, fully cleared and cheaply.

At https://meineinkauf.ch/einkaufen/h32-design-schweiz/ you will find our landing page with lots of further information and the option to register.


How does the order process for delivery to Switzerland work?
Please note some special features that apply to you as a Swiss citizen. The ordering process in our webshop differs slightly for customers from Switzerland:

  1. You register on www.meineinkauf.ch
  2. Then register in our H32 shop with your @MeinEinkauf.ch email address and then let us know by email (office@h32-design.com). We add a tax exemption in your master data so that you can make the purchase net, i.e. without VAT (the VAT will be invoiced to you later by meinEinkauf)
  3. Then you order from us in the shop with your @MeinEinkauf.ch email address and enter Mein Einkauf GmbH as your billing and delivery address (MeinEinkauf GmbH, Maybachstrasse 19, 78467 Konstanz)
  4. You then pay for the goods directly in our shop. Make sure that the final amount is exclusive of VAT.
  5. We send the package to MeinEinkauf and they forward it to you.
  6. You will then receive an invoice from MeinEinkauf with the service fee, shipping costs and VAT of 20%.


What additional costs apply?

Our products have the same price for you, with the only difference being that we do not include VAT on the invoice.

You will receive an invoice from MeinEinkauf.ch for the processing. This consists of a constant service fee of CHF 17.90 and variable costs for transport and VAT.


The following costs were incurred for shipping an H32 cargo rack to Zurich in 2023:

CHF  17.90 service fee

CHF    9.90 transport costs parcel

CHF   29.90 surcharge for bulky goods >100x60x60cm

CHF 159.65 VAT 20%

The costs charged by MeinEinkauf.ch will vary depending on the product and delivery location. The transport costs are correspondingly higher, especially for pallet goods. The cost breakdown above is just an example for illustrative purposes.

If you have any further questions, we are available to you at any time. Simply get in touch by email or telephone.

Wir liefern auch in die Schweiz
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