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DARC Sprinter Flares - rear widening

DARC Sprinter Flares - rear widening

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The RIG cross sleepers are modern side extensions that make it possible to install a cross bed in the rear of your camper.

Compatible vehicles:

  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 906
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter 907
  • VW Crafter 1 (<2016)

Product features:

The flares consist of paintable FRP and are already from the factory completely isolated . Apart from gluing, no further work is necessary. If necessary, holes for windows can be cut out.

The RIG flares were developed with focus on aesthetics , aerodynamics and maximum gain of space.
Due to the close-to-production (OEM) look, they are unobtrusive and, thanks to their upward shape, do not cause any wind noise, even when driving on the motorway.
the asymmetrical arrangement the cross sleeper creates a width of 196 cm (= bed length) without obstructing the sliding door.

The RIG Flares are the highest quality product on the market. 
With TÜV material certificate and of course:
Made in Germany
Price per SET (left & right).
If you are interested in just one side, please contact us.

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